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The weekend homes at Paradise Valley offer the best in scenic beauty, tranquility and the well deserved peace away from the hustle bustle of the city and at a very affordable price. A picture perfect world with sprawling gardens, densely planted with trees, natural lakes and natural serenity will make you forget all your worries the moment you enter and leave you with a yearning desire to return at the earliest possible.

Here you will find a completely furnished house with all the luxuries of today’s world that will make you feel at home. Exquisitely designed and extravagantly decorated to give you a sense of royalty, these houses are located in a very quiet and peaceful part of the city to give you the kind of tranquility, comfort and privacy you would come here looking for away from the ruckus of the fast paced city life.

Available at an economical price to suit your budget, these weekend homes will make your dream of a family vacation come true without any hassle. So, come stay with us for a weekend and we are sure that you would not want to leave!!!.

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